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The SINTEL workers (SINTEL was one of the largest Telefonica subsidiaries at the moment of its privatization) start a 200km protest march from six different cities in Spain. About 1500 workers and their families walk for eight days all over Spain to meet in Madrid on May 1st, for the Labor Day demonstration, and claim a solution to their situation.
The struggle of these comrades, of an average age of 50, has set an example in Spain, showing that there are still people ready to fight for a just cause. In our documentary we show the courage and determination of these men and women, who, despite all their problems, decide to keep on fighting for their dignity, for their future and their children.

Film Premiered at San Sebastian International Film Festival Made in Spain Official section. Selected at several International Festivals and screened theatrically throughout Spain to the claim of public and critics. Selected by Cinéma du réel as part of Best Spanish Cinema retrospective in 2005.




RUNNING TIME: 110 minutes

FORMAT: Digital/35mm

DIRECTOR/PRODUCER:Ruth Somalo as member of Collective Discusion 14


PHOTOGRAPHY: Discusion 14

RELEASED THEATRICALLY: 2004 by Sherlock Films


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